About Us

Company Story: Tactical Office was created in 2005 by two entrepreneurs with an exceptional vigor for life, a love of people, and a vision for caring. It was started over a conversation at breakfast one cold, blistery January morning in 2005. A month later, an entity was formed and an office created in a room over a garage. The journey had begun.

What does a retired US Army Drill Sergeant and a well educated, and successful businessman have in common? NOTHING! But really, deep down they shared a ton:

Love of people – our people are #1 in our book,

Integrity – integrity is #1 in everything we do,

Accountability – we hold ourselves accountable to our employees, customers, and ourselves!

Fun – We have fun while being the best!

Tequila – Because Life is better with Tequila!

With these shared core values these two partners formed an unbelievable synergy that translated into strong relationships within their organization and the business community. Together they formed Tactical Office with the initial intention of helping the men and women in the military uniform have the latest innovative office products and services. From these humble beginnings, Tactical Office has grown to serve the very largest government agencies, corporations, and organizations across the nation.