Office Furniture: Rent vs. Buy

After months away, you’ve returned to the office only to realize one, glaring thing: those faded, patterned couches from the 1990’s are well past their time. The workplace has changed. That old office furniture has got to go…now what? When it comes to getting new office furniture, there are two options: Renting furniture for a […]

How Has the Workplace Changed?

Many workplaces were displaced in 2020. It created a temporary “on hold” and “wait and see” mentality that left employees feeling unsettled and unsure. With a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, businesses realize they must find a more permanent solution and evaluate what the new workplace will look like. Will those who have gone fully […]

Meet The Demands Of A Changing World With “Dynamic” Office Designs

With many workers transitioning to remote lifestyles and others needing to be on-site, do you need to change your current space planning and design? Or switch to a personalized workspace, installing barriers & dividers to limit social interaction. The solution might be in the layout. A dynamic workspace is designed to effortlessly change with daily […]