With many workers transitioning to remote lifestyles and others needing to be on-site, do you need to change your current space planning and design? Or switch to a personalized workspace, installing barriers & dividers to limit social interaction.

The solution might be in the layout. A dynamic workspace is designed to effortlessly change with daily needs.

The beauty of dynamic workspaces is in their simplicity. They are modern and functional, featuring flexible, adaptable office furniture and accessories that can be easily shifted and transformed as needed.

In these uncertain times, dynamic workspaces meet the needs of a changing workplace.

Create A Dynamic Workspace

woman presenting on digital whiteboard

COVID-19 moved the workplace away from recent trends of open layouts and airy designs and pushed much of the workforce into their homes. Companies are adapting to these changes, downsizing office spaces to account for more remote workers or swapping out office furniture and chairs for products that make the workspace safer.

While you continue to adjust, consider adopting a dynamic workspace design composed of modular, changeable furniture, that serve double functions.

To create a dynamic workspace in your office, try:

  • Creating “cubicle” style walls with rolling whiteboards or removable barriers that provide added protection
  • Investing in modular and adjustable office furniture that can change to accommodate different employees on different days
  • Using attachable, retractable screens to quickly turn a room into multiple workspaces for days when work from home employees come to the office

Dynamic workspaces are simple but require thought and creativity to work.

This has been a busy, unstable year for many businesses. While you get back on track, we’ll work to make sure your office stays a productive and usable workspace. Through dynamic office designs and furniture, Tactical Interiors can customize an office design or reconfiguration that compliments your business.

Let’s get started.