After months away, you’ve returned to the office only to realize one, glaring thing: those faded, patterned couches from the 1990’s are well past their time. The workplace has changed.

That old office furniture has got to go…now what?

When it comes to getting new office furniture, there are two options:

  1. Renting furniture for a monthly or annual fee
  2. Buying it outright for a larger upfront cost

For many offices, it’s never occurred to them to simply rent their office furniture. For others, they simply don’t have the upfront cash needed to outfit an entire workspace.

Depending on your specific circumstances, there are good reasons for both. Let’s dive in.

Why Buy Office Furniture

office desk

When it comes to buying office furniture the reasons are more straight forward. If you’re settled into a workspace that you’ll be in for a while and have reasonable amount of business security, outfitting your office with brand new furniture is probably the best fit.

You’re also entitled to just want your own products, in which case buying will always be the better choice.

The Case For Renting

office with a few desks

Why end up with temporary furniture that’s not yours? Renting or leasing office furniture (short term or long term) can be the perfect solution to a temporary situation. Expenses, workspaces and furniture needs can change in an instant, renting gives a lot more flexibility to manage that changes.

Other scenarios where renting makes more sense than buying include:

  • Start-up’s who don’t have the funding right now to purchase all the office furniture they need
  • Pop up’s who only use the space for a brief time
  • Businesses between two office spaces

Renting Office Furniture Vs. Buying Office Furniture

· Lower upfront costs
· Higher long term costs
· Cannot alter or change as needed
· Higher upfront costs
· Lower longterm costs
· Can retrofit and reconfigure as much as you’d like

No matter which you choose, when you rent or buy through Tactical you’ll receive…

Still on the fence? Contact one of our expert team members and get a full breakdown of all your office furniture outfitting options. We will help you determine if renting or buying is the best fit for your business and how to move forward with.