Have you discovered your current workplace layout isn’t working anymore?

Before you consider more costly and and time-consuming office moves or space planning and design changes, there might be a simpler solution: office reconfigurations.

Reconfigurations are great for smaller projects. Changes can include making the breakroom more comfortable for employees returning to work or adjusting the reception area to create a warm, welcoming space. If these adjustments are temporary, they can likely be solved with furniture rental & leasing to create a flexible, dynamic workspace.

In order to decide what changes are needed in the workplace, consider this:

Does your business…

  • Interact with the public?
  • Thrive on collaboration?
  • Require focused work?
  • Need temporary solutions?

These questions help guide Tactical’s personalized reconfiguration service.

We’ll identify key needs and patterns beforehand selecting, delivering and installing office furniture that best fits your company. Because the workplace should be a welcome addition to your business, not another stressor.

Office Reconfiguration
The question isn’t: what can we reconfigure?

The question is: What reconfiguration does YOUR workplace need?

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