What if you don’t want to buy your furniture?

What if there was an even more affordable option?

Whether you’re completely redesigning your office, moving it across town or just need a reconfiguration, Tactical has you covered.

Think of it like renting or leasing a car. You can have the latest models for a superior look and when the time is up, you return your furniture and get the latest off the manufacturers’ lines! Low monthly costs benefit your bottom line, while the sleek aesthetic of new furniture gives your office a flare of success and elite appeal. Choosing whether to rent or buy usually comes down to your specific needs and interests.

Affordable Furniture Rental and Leasing

Whether you’re completely redesigning your office or just need an aesthetic update, Tactical has you covered. We have a fantastic selection of new furniture from top manufacturers. No matter what you need, we’re sure to have the pieces that fit your décor, desired function, and at the best prices. You can lease or rent almost any new office furniture in our inventory.

Furniture Leasing

Leasing is a great option for those who want to hold on to new furniture for a longer period of time to avoid the hassle of routinely switching out pieces. This program has a 6-month minimum contract. It’s ideal for those who want to keep the cost of furniture down while still having the option to upgrade to newer models in the future. When the lease is up, you can either choose to extend your contract or get newer furniture delivered that you can lease, rent, or buy.

With Tactical’s leasing program all furniture Service and Maintenance is done by the lessee.

Furniture Leasing

Furniture Rental

Is your furniture lease up, but you’re relocating your office in 2 months? Have you just opened your first business and aren’t sure which style you like best? Maybe you’re temporarily working from a rental office space while your “official headquarters” are under construction?

If any of these circumstances resonate you, then renting is the office furniture is the solution you’ve been looking for. With one month minimal rent, you can have new furniture to suit your every need without the lengthy contracts.

Plus, when you choose Tactical’s furniture rental program, we take care of all furniture Service and Maintenance.

Furniture Rental
Does office furniture rental or leasing sound like the solution you need? Then, Tactical is here to provide!

Get Furniture!