Why Tactical?

Why Tactical?

At Tactical Office, our employees are dedicated to a single mission of providing an outstanding buying experience to every customer that we serve. We are a local SWaM company that is proud of being a family owned business, that takes pride in treating our Tactical Team as family. Our unique business model enables us to be a single source supplier and partner, serving every industry. Whether it be Furniture Design & Interiors or Everyday Office Essentials, Tactical Office provides a total solution in its simplest of form.

Furniture Design & Interiors

We offer solutions that are innovative, creative, and strategic in thought, that will help drive productivity while at the same time, speaks to the culture and personality of your company.

Everyday OfficeEssentials

With 55,000 plus products at your fingertips, Tactical Office helps you to control spending, reduce costs and streamline your current procurement processes.